Crystal Shawanda

Depth. It is the measure of our rivers, cultures, and hearts. It gives echoes to canyons and brilliance to stars. It drives spirit like blood through the body of music.
Crystal Shawanda, born on the Wikwemikong Native Reservation on Canada's Manitoulin Island, grew up immersed in the music of her heritage and dreams. At 12, on a long haul with her truck-driver father, she first visited Nashville. Since then, she has recorded three independent albums and returned to Nashville for a full-time gig at the famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge on the Broadway strip.

But music’s waters run ever deeper, and Crystal has too. Having stormed country music charts in 2008, played the 2013 U.S. presidential inauguration, and won a 2013 Juno Award, her sound has deepened.

Crystal’s new album, The Whole World’s Got the Blues, plumbs the depths of roots, blues, and Americana music to tell stories and weave spells with entrancing honesty. [Recording primarily in Vancouver, BC at Fader Mountain Studios,] She has leaned into rhythm, rawness, and soul reminiscent of Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Lucinda Williams. In the upcoming year, Crystal will be performing at premiere blues and jazz festivals throughout Canada and the USA.