Nathan Cunningham

As a child, Juno-nominated Nathan Cunningham began to hone his skills as a singer by impersonating artists he admired; by the time he hit his teens, he was ready to take it public.

He’s since performed at hundreds of live events including; The Worlds Festival (with Rita Coolidge), The 2010 CCMA’s, as a Tenor in Johnny Reid’s choir and he’s shared the stage with Dwight Yoakam, Nazareth and a host of other mainstream country artists. In 2013, he took home 2 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards for Best Country Album & Male Entertainer of the Year.

With no formal training, Nathan has fine tuned his voice and has become a prolific songwriter. As a composer, he’s found a unique way of blending musical genres that inspire him while staying true to his Country Roots. Today, his music can be heard all over Aboriginal and Country radio.

nathan cunningham